Animal Lovers Get Surprised By Goat Yoga


Animal Lovers Get Surprised By Goat Yoga ,So today we’re gonna try a new form of yoga. I don’t know what it is. – I’ve done yoga a few times before. – I can’t be still, I can’t be calm. That’s one of the main reasons why I’ve never tried yoga. – Yoga is a really great outlet for me to decompress. I’m excited to try it. Let’s do it. – So today we’re gonna surprise a group of you with baby goats for what we call Animal Lovers Get Surprised By Goat Yoga.-

Yoga, we kind of just integrate the mind with the body, with the breath. We did a few different positions in the beginning that were just really basic and really simple. – There wasn’t really anything that I haven’t done before. – Nothing happened for a while, and so I just got into it. – I felt relaxed. I felt good. When you’re ready, just close your eyes Another really big thing in yoga is that we’re in a constant state of change, right? There’s good things happening, bad things happening.  Yup, that’s gonna happen a lot!  It was everything I dreamed of. Goat yoga is nothing different than taking your dog for a walk.

You’re bonding with that animal, and you’re getting exercise. It’s my form of the new animal-assisted therapy. It just makes people forget all the hard things they’re going through. – When we would go down, they would jump on your backs. – I felt my muscles just relaxing with each step that they took. – Baby goats are really just playful animals and they’re not afraid to connect with you. Yoga is really good for your mental health anyways, but adding an animal to the mix exponentially increases that. – Although I couldn’t really focus on the yoga part because the goats were just so cute, it works that way, too, because the whole point of yoga is just to relax your mind and be happy about your surroundings, which exactly was what I was feeling.

– Animals in general, they make me feel at peace, like when I pet my dog, and just playing with those goats made me feel so good, I completely forgot about the outside world. – There should be more types of exercise incorporating animals into them because they make us happy. They’re pure and genuine. – A lady who had breast cancer – just the fact that that goat could make her happy and after all she’s been through, I really think there’s just a healing quality about that human-animal bond..

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